I have written this extremely surgical article targetted at Christian believers to deal with the very big problem of hypocrisy. Several Christians take up lies and walk with it, and the more subtle and ambiguous the lie, the greater the hypocritical walk.

It is my prayer that this article will be of great help to any who reads it, and that it will go a long way in rooting out hypocrisy in the church today, and planting the walk of truth in all the world.

Please read it carefully and prayerfully, that the Lord may use it to bring illumination to your spirit and joy to your heart.


The true Christian way

Many Christians have abandoned the true ways of God and created their own ways and even preached it in their churches. After an intense vision last night,  I have been compeled to type up this short article. I encourage every Christian to read through and judge themselves on how they see salvation and what they expect of God. Please read i prayerfully and with guidance from the Holy Spirit. Be blessed!

Homosexuality, the abomination in the holy place

In light of recent forces advocating for same sex marriages in the church in direct violation of the Word of God, I have written this short article as a single arrow targetted at the deception that is crawling around the world that homosexuality is natural and scripturally accepted. This illusion and foolishness will be he undoing of the world as we know it. There is a need for the children of God to shine as the light they are, and deploy their power as the salt of the earth to dispel the rot that has entered society. Read it prayerfully and do your part to stem the tide of false teaching.

Martyrs: Can you stand like they did?

"At Utica, a most terrible tragedy was exhibited: three hundred Christians were, by the orders of the proconsul, placed round a burning limekiln. A pan of coals and incense being prepared, they were commanded either to sacrifice to Jupiter, or to be thrown into the kiln. Unanimously refusing, they bravely jumped into the pit, and were immediately suffocated."

This is just one of the stories in Foxe's book of martyrs. There are so so many others, and I encourage Christians to download the book from the link on the left.

A letter to my catholic brothers and sisters

In a bid to help purify the global church and bring unity, I have written this letter to the Roman Catholic Church, and I hope that all will pay attention to the issues I raise here. Be blessed!

Personal message to all visitors of this website

Several people have asked me why the things I write seem judgmental, and why they go against several church traditions and practices. Some have outright rebuked me for writing articles that will “shake the faith of many young believers”. Indeed two people have called me heretical in the things that I write, and I’ve had two friends get very bitter with me over my article on tithes.

I am very well aware that the things I write may never sit well with established denominations and churches, especially with the leaders and authorities in such churches. Contrary to what people think, I have no hidden agenda in writing these articles, but my aim and desire is to review the Word of God and compare them to current practices common in today’s Church. Where I find disparities, there will I write and put forth the biblical views.


Understanding delights in Wisdom
He stands by Her side and watches with joy
His eyes sparkle with pleasure as He looks
His fascination at Her works, near ecstacy

As She wields her sword, His eyes gleam
Her intense study He eagerly watches
Her judgments, His rapturous delight
Her words sweet to His ear

Fascination? Infatuation? Worship?
O, to describe that glow in His eyes
Glorious in attention, holy in purity
Never to speak, but just to listen

Are women equal to men?

A man is incomplete without a woman and a woman is incomplete without a man
By nature, a woman needs a man in order to be complete. That is why the bible says in Genesis 2:24 that "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cling to his wife: and they shall be one flesh." I have observed that from childhood, girls are more comfortable with their fathers, while boys are more comfortable with their mothers. They are naturally inclined to the opposite sex, because they are incomplete without them. In this regard, a man compliments the woman, and the woman compliments the man in order to create one complete being, like two halves of a puzzle forming one whole.


I have noted with grave concern, how the "pastors" and church establishments of today have abused tithe in a bid to assert God's so-called demand on Christians to pay a fictitious monthly fee (10% of earnings) in order to avoid stepping on His bad side, or to reap blessings. Most teaching on tithe is derived from the Old Testament, from which this word and command actually stems. Jesus (or the apostles after Him) made no such demands in the New Testament. Indeed, Jesus took a swipe at the Pharisees in regards to their tithing and ignoring "weightier" matters of the law (Mathew 23:23), and Paul said Christ is the end of the law to every believer (Romans 10:4). It is my hope that this posting will open the eyes of many a Christian and encourage the to actually read the bible and not just believe every teaching they hear, even if it's from the Christian leaders of today.

Answers to why God doesn't intervene in most situations

"I have studied the scripture and looked hard and wide for the question that every christian asks at one point or another, "Why does God not intervene in my situation??"
After much study and inquiry, I have concluded that God already blessed us greatly, and there is minimal or no need for him to intervene in individual lives, or indeed the lives of all mankind as we would understand 'intervention'..."
These writings that will follow are designed to bring understanding and wisdom to all peoples, from the christian perspective. The answers herein will also be useful for those who do not follow the Christian way, but wish to understand what Christianity is all about.

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